The Great Asylum Silence

Me, writing for the AusOpinion blog on Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s Operation Sovereign Silence.


If a refugee drowns in the ocean trying to reach Australia and the Government decides not to tell us, will their soul still haunt a Senator’s dreams?


On Monday, Scott Morrison, the new Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, held the first weekly update of the Coalition Government’s laughably named ‘Operation Sovereign Borders’.

The press conference, for that’s was it was, was fronted by Morrison and his newly minted ‘three star’ Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, a man whose job I do not envy for a second.

Fronting the cameras, Morrison was keen to continue the Coalition’s pre-election lines. The issue was one of border ‘security’ and ‘protection’. People arriving by boat remained ‘illegal’ and the Government’s resolve to stop the boats was “genuine” and “absolute”.

More important, however, was Morrison’s focus on ‘operational matters’. Not only did he confirm the Government’s decision to provide a single weekly update confirming the…

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