Some (hopefully) useful linux tips

Those people that know me get a little sick of me banging on about how I use linux and, where I can, free (as in libre) software on the desktop, this includes both at home and at the university where I study.

While I’m not going to go into too much detail about the hows and whys of my desktop computer use right here and now, I will say that to say switching to Linux on the desktop (and especially on a Mac, as I do) has a bit of a learning curve. This, I think, is true for anyone coming from an other desktop environment.

Although I am by no means either a computer or linux expert (far from it in fact), what I have done is to document some of the problems I’ve come across in my everyday use of linux.

When I’ve come across a problem that has either; taken me some time to figure out; come up against a number of times and needed to search for a solution each time because I’ve forgotten what to do; or just thought that the answer might just come in handy some other time, I’ve made a note of the problem and the solution.

In many cases, I also tried to record a short synopsis of the problem and solution as well as the steps taken to rectify the problem. The purpose of this has been to ensure I both understand the problem and so I have a record of what I’ve done that is easy to read. The upshot is that, in doing so, I’ve ended up with pretty detailed notes where I explain the problem and solution to myself.

I’ve had these notes in Tomboy installation that I’ve moved from one install to another – all the time meaning to export them to plain text somewhere. The other day, when performing a full format reinstall of my laptop, I booted into a gParted live session to play with my partitions when I would have liked to access my notes on gdisk – no luck. ‘Would be great if I had these online’, I thought.

I also got to thinking that I have this little WordPress blog where I wanted to write up my thoughts on some things that were going on around me in the world. If you take a quick look at my post history you’ll see how far I got with that.  With that in mind I think this might be a good place to put my notes. Yes, I do know it’s not plain text but they are accessible to me, and to the world. If I’m lucky others will find them useful too.

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